Mrz 22

Hard Skin 24.2.2013

Hard Skin – 24.2.2013 live im Störtebeker

With “Dead Depression”

Matinee. Störtebeker. Oi!
More Oi!
Oi! Not Jokes.
Bald is best! Cheers to South London.


Format Running Time Size
DVD 48 min 2.42 GB


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13. “Desperation Street”


01. Hardskin
02. Oi Not Jobs (Radio Edit)
03. Oi Not Jobs
04. A. C. A. C.
05. Down The Pub
06. The Boys In Blue
07. Council Estate
08. Two Chords – Two Fingers
09. Who’s That Boy
10. The Good Times
11. We Are The Wankers
12. You Still Here?
13. Desperation Street
14. Jocky On The Oche
15. Beer And Fags
16. First Day Angry Song
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Mister Poof

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